Purple bestie blanket

Our bestie blankets help you to relax at home or on the go. It takes out all of the frustration of blankets falling off or even the pillows not staying where you want them to. Our blankets come with the pillow attached so you can rest assured it will always be in place where you want it. Our blankets are super soft and great for just cozying up on the couch, going to the movies, traveling and so much more.

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High quality material

Our fleece and faux material is super soft. You will get lost in relaxing in these blankets. They are high quality and durable. With extra threading to make sure it lasts you a life time. These blankets are washable safe.

No more hassle

you no longer have to deal with the blanket falling down or the pillow not staying in place. Now you can relax and be comfortable throughout the whole time you use it.

Take it anywhere

This pillow blanket is great for relaxing at home, watching movies, reading a book, at games, camping or even on the go as you travel. Your bestie blanket can be with you anywhere.